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Cover Design for Derrick Drisdel’s Keys To Life, Volume 1

We were tasked by Zanzara Press, an imprint of Culicidae Press, to design the interior and cover for Derrick Drisdel’s new book titled The Keys to Life, Volume 1, a catalogue of insights/life experiences (or keys) the author learned initially from his father, and later began to collect during his life to share with the […]

Book Cover for “I Remembered”

This was a difficult cover to design. The author, Kristene E. Friday (pseudonym), whose book will be published through Culicidae Press, was sexually abused as a child but suppressed the memories until she was forty-nine years old and had a breakdown. In the text she describes her emotional state vividly, and based on some of […]

Book Cover Design for Joseph D. Reich

Version 1 For Hog Press we were tasked to design a book cover for a book by Vermont-based author Joseph D. Reich’s intriguingly titled How To Order Chinese During A Hostage Crisis: Dialects, Existential Essays, A Play, And Other Poems, to be published this summer. I prefer the red one but the author had his […]

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