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Book Design for Duane Vorhees

book cover

Hans Holbein the Younger, The Ambassadors, 1533 We recently completed the design for a new book of poetry, Memories Linked Like Oases, by Duane Vorhees for Hog Press, and imprint of Culicidae Press. This is Duane Vorhees’ fourth book with Hog Press.  Idea In this case the author wished to use a skull on the […]

Book Design for Hurliman Poetry

hurliman book cover

Currently working on the interior and cover for Dean S. Hurliman’s new book of poetry titled Through Weathered Trees, to be published this Spring through Zanzara Press, and imprint of Culicidae Press. Dean had suggested sage green for the cover and a view up into a clump of trees with birds flying overhead. The result […]

New Cover for Hank Kohler’s One4Water Book

book cover

We’re currently working on Ames resident Hank Kohler’s cover for his ecological travelogue One4Water, a story about paddling the Mississippi River from the Boundary waters to the Gulf of Mexico. The book will be available soon through Hog Press.  And here is an updated cover with actual text on the verso:   Below are a […]

Book Design for Culicidae Architectural Press

We are currently working on the design of Arvid Osterberg’s second book with the Culicidae Press family. After Culicidae Press published his We All Fall Down: Staying Vertical in a Hazardous World guide to not falling in 2021, polytekton is now designing Osterberg’s latest book Dream House on the Prairie: What They Didn’t Tell You […]

Cover Design for The Many Faces of Venus

book cover

We were recently hired by Zanzara Press to design the new edition of Ev Cochrane’s The Many Faces of Venus, which had been originally published in 2001. For our design we started with one of the most recognizable icons of Venus, Sandro Botticelli’s La Nascita de Venere or The Birth of Venus. Finding other representations […]

Design for Finnish Book on Saunas

polytekton is currently designing a book for our first Finnish client, Lassi A. Liikkanen, who is a lead digital product designer at Qvik Ltd. (Finland) and an adjunct professor at Aalto University (Finland). He earned his Ph.D. in Design in 2010 from Aalto University School of Engineering, and he has more than ten years of design […]

New Poetry Book by Duane Vorhees

book cover

We designed a new poetry book for author Duane Vorhees. This is the second commission, and it will be published by Hog Press as well. The client wanted the cover to be a four-square of the words G-I-F-T, and initially I thought of the L-O-V-E logo, and one of the iterations had the ‘T’ angled, […]

Cover Design for Vorhees Book

We designed a book cover for Duane Vorhees latest publication this summer. Above is the final version, and below a few early iterations. The book is now available through Hog Press and your preferred online retailer.

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