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Design of Poetry Book for Mohammad Tavallaei

Culicidae Press asked us to design the new poetry book by Mohammad Tavallaei titled Poems as Short as Life. The book will be bilingual book (English and Persian) and contains about 600 poems. One of the challenges will be the arrangement of the poems on the book’s interior. The other is the cover design: how […]

Logo Design for Culicidae Press


We recently completed the design of a new logo for Culicidae Press, one of our major clients. The company was looking to refresh its logo, which was based on a vesica piscis the owner had found in the book Finegans Wake by James Joyce. Rather than try to reference that design we decided to focus […]

New Cover for Hank Kohler’s One4Water Book

book cover

We’re currently working on Ames resident Hank Kohler’s cover for his ecological travelogue One4Water, a story about paddling the Mississippi River from the Boundary waters to the Gulf of Mexico. The book will be available soon through Hog Press.  And here is an updated cover with actual text on the verso:   Below are a […]

Cover Design for Derrick Drisdel’s Keys To Life, Volume 1

We were tasked by Zanzara Press, an imprint of Culicidae Press, to design the interior and cover for Derrick Drisdel’s new book titled The Keys to Life, Volume 1, a catalogue of insights/life experiences (or keys) the author learned initially from his father, and later began to collect during his life to share with the […]

Design for Osterberg Dream House Book

We are currently finalizing the design of Arvid Osterberg’s second book to be published by Culicidae Architectural Press. The interior is effectively done and we are now focusing on the design of the cover. See below some samples of covers we have created in the last few days. Since the book title is Dream House […]

Completed Design for Routledge Book

We just completed the design of Mira Engler’s latest book titled Landscape Design in Color: History, Theory, and Practice 1750 to Today for Routledge/London. Above is the cover design (recto and verso), and below are some sample spreads of the book interior. The design was quite complex, due to the author wanting the margins to […]

Design for New Edition of Phases

polytekton was hired to design the second edition of Diana Brantley’s book of poetry titled Phases, to be published in May 2022. We also designed the first edition, published originally in 2011 via Culicidae Press. Below are three different versions. The author already made her choice (final version above). Unlike the first edition, we simplified […]

Book Design for Culicidae Architectural Press

We are currently working on the design of Arvid Osterberg’s second book with the Culicidae Press family. After Culicidae Press published his We All Fall Down: Staying Vertical in a Hazardous World guide to not falling in 2021, polytekton is now designing Osterberg’s latest book Dream House on the Prairie: What They Didn’t Tell You […]

Book Cover for Larche’s Angels in the Snow

We were hired by Culicidae Press to design the novelization of a musical, Angels in the Snow, which has also been made into a film, for the late Douglas Larche who passed away in August of 2021. Our design for the book was complete when Doug died, so his daughter decided to go ahead and […]

Logo Design for Paddler’s Mill

This is a probono project for a collector of historical tools who named his organization Paddler’s Mill. At this point the website for Paddler’s Mill is under construction, but we thought that a proper logo might be a good starting point for the site identity. More versions will be posted soon. Idea The connection to […]

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