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Design for Japanese Translation of ‘Sauna’ Book

screenshot of indesign page layout of japanese sauna book

We’re currently working on the design for the Japanese translation of a previous book on Finnish saunas, that we designed in 2021. The new version will be on sale in Japan on 9 May 2024. Above is an example of the layout in InDesign. UPDATE The book was released on 9 May 2024 in Tokyo. […]

Book Design for Rose Hamilton-Gottlieb’s ‘Traveling Light’ Novel

cover for Traveling Light book

We were tasked by Culicidae Press to design the first book in a trilogy of books by author Rose Hamilton-Gottlieb. This one, titled Traveling Light, is a story of three women friends from California who join RAGBRAI: The Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa in 1990. Here is the book description: The […]

Book Design of The Missionary’s Wife

book cover of The Missionary's Wife showing front and back cover

In the spring of 2023 we were tasked by Culicidae Press to design a book for Jonathan Hoke Barclay’s The Missionary’s Wife. The book chronicles the lives of a young spy couple working under the guise of being missionaries to South America while secretly battling the influence of Nazis in Venezuela trying to secure resources […]

Book Design for Duane Vorhees

book cover

Hans Holbein the Younger, The Ambassadors, 1533 We recently completed the design for a new book of poetry, Memories Linked Like Oases, by Duane Vorhees for Hog Press, and imprint of Culicidae Press. This is Duane Vorhees’ fourth book with Hog Press.  Idea In this case the author wished to use a skull on the […]

Poster for International Festival of Women Composers


We recently completed the poster for the 27th International Festival of Women Composers. Over the last two decades we have designed most of these posters, and they are accessible online at the Margaret Zach International Women Composers Library. The poster above emerged out of the desire to celebrate the countries-of-origin for the performers (Australia, France, […]

Book Design for Hurliman Poetry

hurliman book cover

Currently working on the interior and cover for Dean S. Hurliman’s new book of poetry titled Through Weathered Trees, to be published this Spring through Zanzara Press, and imprint of Culicidae Press. Dean had suggested sage green for the cover and a view up into a clump of trees with birds flying overhead. The result […]

Final Version of Geertje Suhr’s Learning About Love

book cover

We just finished the book design for Geertje Suhr’s second book, the novel Learning About Love, published by Culicidae Press. The cover is based on a painting owned by the author of the some fishermen on the Thuner Lake in Switzerland. In the background one can see the Niesen mountain. The protagonist of the novel […]

TRN Logo for Remastered

TRN logo

As part of the book design for Hallie Baur’s new Culicidae Press book Remastered, we were also tasked with developing a new logo for the Time Regulatory Network which is, according to the author, an “Agency of scientists, health care professionals, investors, system developers, lobbyists, and other affiliates who manage the logistics of Time Travel.”  […]

Book Design for Remastered

book cover

We just completed the book design for author Hallie Baur’s second historic fiction book titled Remastered. The client was Culicidae Press, and the book will be released on 31 January 2023.  In the book a record store plays an important role, as does time travel between different decades of the twentieth century, so the author […]

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