Beauty in Motion

Gorodish explains the Zen of buttering a baguette to Jules in the 1981 film Diva On 29 May 2018 in Washington, DC, we were having an afternoon capuccino in the Blue Duck Tavern (at the corner of NW 24th and M Streets). To the left of our table, about ten […]

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File Under Creative Response

Dear Dr. Mikesch Muecke Greetings from Journal of Biopolymers Research Journal of Biopolymers al Medicine: Open Access journal is in a process of accepting Research articles/ Review articles/ Short Communication/ Conference proceedings/ Rapid Communications/ Commentaries/ for publication in upcoming issue. Considering you as the potential contributor, Journal of Biopolymers takes […]

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Gropius and Perception

While watching the Architectures movie about the Bauhaus again, the narrator quotes Walter Gropius as saying this about the perception of the Bauhaus as a three-dimensional artifact: “You must walk around the building to understand its materiality and the function of its various elements.” Well and good, even if Gropius didn’t understand […]

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Poetry of Making

The English word ‘poetry’ derives from the Greek ‘poiesis’ which means ‘to make’. I’m a maker of things and ideas… (the image above is a quote, in German, by the writer Jean Paul: “Books are only thick letters to friends.”)

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