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Dear Dr. Mikesch Muecke Greetings from Journal of Biopolymers Research Journal of Biopolymers al Medicine: Open Access journal is in a process of accepting Research articles/ Review articles/ Short Communication/ Conference proceedings/ Rapid Communications/ Commentaries/ for publication in upcoming issue. Considering you as the potential contributor, Journal of Biopolymers takes […]

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Gropius and Perception

While watching the Architectures movie about the Bauhaus again, the narrator quotes Walter Gropius as saying this about the perception of the Bauhaus as a three-dimensional artifact: “You must walk around the building to understand its materiality and the function of its various elements.” Well and good, even if Gropius didn’t understand […]

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Poetry of Making

The English word ‘poetry’ derives from the Greek ‘poiesis’ which means ‘to make’. I’m a maker of things and ideas… (the image above is a quote, in German, by the writer Jean Paul: “Books are only thick letters to friends.”)

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