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Dear Dr. Mikesch Muecke Greetings from Journal of Biopolymers Research Journal of Biopolymers al Medicine: Open Access journal is in a process of accepting Research articles/ Review articles/ Short Communication/ Conference proceedings/ Rapid Communications/ Commentaries/ for publication in upcoming issue. Considering you as the potential contributor, Journal of Biopolymers takes […]

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O’ Brother

My brother’s birthday is coming up. He was born February 12, 1967 and he died, too young, on October 1, 1987, in a car accident, driving the same kind of car, a Citroën 2Cv4, that’s shown in this photograph I took of him as he sat in our 2CV4 when […]

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I’m definitely back in the southern United States. After arriving from Rome in Atlanta yesterday I found myself with an appetite at ATL, and saw on concourse C a branch of Paschal La Carousel where I was promptly greeted throughout my first dining experience in the US (since leaving here […]

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The English Language

I’m telling Gianluigi about “a smack,” as in, “I’m gonna give you such a smack …” Done with an open hand gesture and a heavy New York Yiddish-Mafia accent. “I’m gonna give you such a smack you won’t know what hit you. I’m gonna give you such a smack you’re […]

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