being lost

Man of the House

A poem by Bob Hicok, from The Legend of Light Man of the House It was a misunderstanding. I got into bed, made love with the woman I found there, called her honey, mowed the lawn, had three children, painted the house twice, fixed the furnace, overcame an addiction to […]

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File under New Yorker Magazine

I noticed this little filler at the bottom of page 85 in the New Yorker from October 5, 2009, and I had to laugh, hard, remembering both the Python’s The Life of Brian (“Blessed are the Cheesemakers”) and the more recent Curse of the Were-Rabbit (with Wally’s love of Wensleydale). Here is what the New Yorker said: There’ll Always […]

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Fiat Lux

When the German polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lay dying just before he disappeared forever, he was supposed to have said: “Mehr Licht!” which translates as ‘more light’, and I’m thinking: doesn’t more light also mean more shadows? But of course, when it’s too dim, by all means, more light.

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