O’ Brother

My brother’s birthday is coming up. He was born February 12, 1967 and he died, too young, on October 1, 1987, in a car accident, driving the same kind of car, a Citroën 2Cv4, that’s shown in this photograph I took of him as he sat in our 2CV4 when he and I were driving through France on our roundabout way to pick up Miriam in Luxembourg, who was coming back to Europe after visiting her parents in the US. It was a hot, windy, and dusty day somewhere between Paris and Luxembourg when I took this image. Earlier in the day Jens-Uwe and I had taken out the front doors of the car (they slide vertically right out of their hinges), and also removed the cowls covering the sides of the engine compartment. If you look carefully you can see the mischievous look on his face. As Germans abroad we were quite aware of how illegal our actions would have been in our home country…