Final Design for Mary Howard’s New Book

Just finished the cover (recto and verso) for Ames-based author Mary Howard’s forthcoming book The Girl with Wings, to be published by Culicidae Press this spring. I will also do the interior layout…

Draft Versions of Cover for Mary Howard’s New Book

Here are three draft versions of a new book cover we’re designing for Culicidae Press author Mary Howard, whose book “The Girl with Wings” will come out some time in 2016.

Final Cover Design for Pronker-Coron Book “The Bridge”

Just completed the final versions of the paperback (above) and hardback (below) covers for Annemieke Pronker-Coron’s book The Bridge: Connecting Violin and Fiddle Worlds for Culicidae Press. The book is now available worldwide.

Final Design of Coach K’s Book Cover

Here’s the final, published version of Coach K’s (aka Herb Kieklak) latest book Run Better, Run Faster: Using a Biomechanical Approach. The book is now available through Culicidae Press and any online/brick-and-mortar retailers.

First Draft of Coach K Cover

Just completed the second draft of a cover for Coach K’s (Herb Kieklak) new book Run Better, Run Faster Using A Biomechanical Approach. The book will be forthcoming from Culicidae Press some time in August. For the background of the cover I composited shots from a video I shot at the recent Midnight Madness 5K/10K event […]

Book Cover for Carol Polsgrove

Just finished a new cover design for Carol Claxon Polsgrove‘s book When We Were Young In Africa, forthcoming from Culicidae Press. Here are some samples of the early version and the final design: