Updated Cover Designs for Richard Brantley’s “Transatlantic Trio”

Here are some updates to book cover designs for Richard Brantley’s “Transatlantic Trio” book which is forthcoming this year through Culicidae Press in Ames, Iowa. Client: Culicidae Press, LLC

Final Design for Mary Howard’s New Book

Just finished the cover (recto and verso) for Ames-based author Mary Howard’s forthcoming book The Girl with Wings, to be published by Culicidae Press this spring. I will also do the interior layout…

Book Cover for Richard Brantley’s New Book

Here are some ugly babies (early designs) that we generated¬†for Richard Brantley’s forthcoming book Transatlantic Trio: Empiricism, Evangelicalism, Romanticism; Essays and Reviews 1974-2017, to be published in the fall of 2016 through¬†Culicidae Press. Client: Culicidae Press, LLC